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Listen to Roscoe in an emotional Video for the Wealth Channel where he discusses the moral issues surrounding Persistent Vegetative States. Roscoe Douglas CLU, RHU, is a Partner with UnionServices.com and Presdent of First Benefits, inc.

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Insurance News

  • Can I offer an ICHRA only to out-of-state employees?

    The flexibility of individual coverage HRAs (ICHRAs) make them an ideal benefit for employers interested in providing a health benefit to a diversified workforce. For example, ICHRAs make it easy to offer different health benefits to salaried and hourly workers, as well as seasonal or part-time workers.

  • What Percent of Health Insurance is Paid by Employers?

    When evaluating a new or existing health insurance program, your organization's contribution strategy is an important consideration. In simple terms, how much will individual employees pitch in for coverage, and what percent of health insurance is paid by the employer?

  • Can section 125 plans be used with an ICHRA?

    Both individual coverage HRAs (ICHRAs) and cafeteria plans (section 125 plans) help employees save on medical costs, but can they be combined? Read more to learn how.

  • Lost your group insurance to COVID-19? Check out the individual market trends in your state


    The impact of COVID-19 on our lives is undeniable. For those who have lost their health insurance, it hits even closer to home. Especially now when health benefits are more important than ever, many are wondering what their options are.

    The individual market gives people in these circumstances options so they don’t have to go without health coverage, but paying the full premium is a scary thought. Employers who have been forced to cut costs by eliminating group health insurance don’t have to leave employees high and dry. Many are offering some extra money on the side to help pay for individual plan premiums. When figuring out how much to offer, it helps to know what employees would be paying to make sure it’s going to make a difference.

  • ICHRA Affordability and Premium Tax Credits

    On June 13, 2019, the federal government released a final ruling that created a new HRA called the individual coverage HRA (ICHRA) and included guidelines for making coverage under the HRA “affordable.” To be considered affordable, the cost of the lowest cost silver plan must not be more than 9.78% of an employee’s household income. If an ICHRA allowance makes the benefit affordable for an employee, it can impact their eligibility for a premium tax credit (PTC), as explained below.

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